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Hardcastle and McCormick - The Complete TV Series on DVD
Title: Hardcastle and McCormick - The Complete TV Series on DVD
Description: Hardcastle and McCormick TV Series. The Complete Collection of the hit TV Series on DVD.
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Language: English

Limited Edition DVD Box Set
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Hardcastle and McCormick is a 1980s action/drama television series from Stephen J. Cannell Productions and Columbia Pictures Television, shown on ABC from 1983-1986, starring Brian Keith as Judge Milton C. Hardcastle and Daniel Hugh Kelly as ex-con and race car driver Mark "Skid" McCormick.

The show's premise involves the retirement of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Milton C. "Hardcase" Hardcastle. With file drawers filled with 200 criminals who got off on technicalities, he takes a page from his childhood hero, the Lone Ranger, and makes plans to go after these criminals. Mark McCormick is a smart-mouthed, streetwise car thief who's looking at hard time for his latest theft, a prototype sports car designed by his murdered best friend. Together they strike a deal: Hardcastle helps Mark catch the murderer; Mark agrees to be the Judge's right hand man.


    * Brian Keith .... Judge Milton C. "Hardcase" Hardcastle
    * Daniel Hugh Kelly .... Mark "Skid" McCormick
    * Mary Jackson .... Sarah Wicks (1983)
    * John Hancock .... Lt. Michael Delaney (1984-1985)
    * Joe Santos .... Lt. Frank Harper (1985-1986)

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